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2-And-Half Hours Off-Roading Buggy Tour in Gran Canaria

Experience the ultimate off-road adventure in Gran Canaria; explore the island like never-before. This 4*4 Buggy Tour is crafted for the thrill-enthusiasts across the globe. This incredible journey presents you the opportunity to check out the Rock Mountains of this Spanish Island. If you are seeking more than the fun & excitement of beaches and sea, something unforgettable then book your Buggy Tour 4X4 Safari tickets online.

This 2.5 hours-long adventure trip comprises driving off-road through the mountains in the south region of the Gran Canaria Island, and not to overlook the panoramic views of the island.

The Underlining Part of the 4*4 Buggy Trip

You will be given the complete freedom to drive the buggy through the rugged mountains over the uneven terrain. And, don’t worry, driving a buggy is not challenging as you might perceive in your wildest dream.

What the Tour Covers?

During the long journey, your buggy will pass through the stunning terrain, the rich cultural Canaria villages. By getting close to their culture and traditions, you will deduce that how simple our old-timers were as if they truly have the understanding of life and happiness. Your Handycam will come across the cliff and how sophisticatedly inhabited cave houses built within them.

Key Highlights of the Tour

  • Available Every Day, Expect Sundays– From 10:00 Till 12:30 – From 14:00 Till 16:30
  • Duration: 150 Minutes
  • Minimum Age for Companion: 7 Years
  • Minors Must Be Accompanied by an Adult
  • Driving License Necessary
  • Insurance Included
  • The Buggy Has the Automatic Transmission

In The End

What are you waiting for? Have wonderful memories for a lifetime, seizing great photos & record videos for unforgettable experiences. The Buggy is all you need to explore this magnificent Canaria Island. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for an adventurous trip, perfect to do on your own or for couples and friends.

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