The Best Experiences of Excursions and Tours in Gran Canaria!

3 Hidden Gems of Gran Canary Island To Make your Tour Adventurous

Well, Gran Canaria is a globally celebrated Spanish island is well-known for its magnetic beaches, the stunning nature spots to explore, the exquisite nightlife or the local culture, but want to the traveling custom and try new things? People return back home after holidaying in Gran Canaria generally talks about the weather and beaches. However, if you want to have great stories for your grandchildren, then you got to be a little adventurous to discover the true treasures of the island, the magnificence of flora and fauna here.

Let’s Explore the Three Best Fairytale Locations in Entire Europe-

1. La Selva De Doramas

This is a journey that begins in the northern side of Gran Canary next to the Moya’s Centro De Interpretación De Los Tilos. During your walk, you have to pass through 20-meter thick tilo-trees and get close to a wealth of species to be found nowhere. Be it the ten-year-old in your group or a fifty-year-old lady, everyone is going to fall for the captivating beauty of Canary fairytale forest, but no snappy snakes and other dangerous creatures.

2. El Barranco De Los Cernícalos

This is a 12km long journey that goes exploring the marvelous aesthetics of the El Barranco De Los Cernícalos forest from the Lomo Magullo near Telde. Follow the course of water, till you come across the miniature ponds of water and the spring water, which are truly magnificent sites to pay a stopover. Don’t forget to tag along your favorite hiking boots and a Handycam to capture the wonders of nature, carrying some nutty snacks won’t be a bad idea.

3. El Charco Azul

This is unarguably a wonder on earth, especially during the rainy season of October to January. The El Charco Azul require beginner hiking skills to check out the local species and the idyllic waterfall.

In the end, El Pinar de Tamadaba and La Playa de Güi-Güi are two other hidden gems to visit in Gran Canary.

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