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3 Strange Reasons to Plan a Trip to Gran Canaria

Whether you are on fun-filled family holidays or an enthralling solo vacation, Gran Canaria has all credentials, spanning from the marvels of nature to the wonders of humans. This Spanish island is definitely one amongst the top-rated tourist destinations worldwide.

Instead of listing the key highlights of Gran Canaria, we discovered several strange reasons those unify to make this island an irresistible vacation spot.

1. The Markets of Gran Canaria

Vacations are in generally in sync with the one another. We all travelers love to bring back a memento to make the trip unforgettable. The markets of Gran Canaria are truly worth mentioning, it has all the glitz and glitters all year around. The capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is home to two of big crowded shopping arenas-, the Vegueta Market and Mercado del Puerto Las Palmas. The former one is best to shop for fresh produce of Gran Canaria, on the other side, the Mercado del Puerto Las Palmas market is globally renewed for its selection of premium bars & restaurants.

2. Wine Selection

If you are a wine freak, then Gran Canaria is welcoming you with a never-before selection of exquisite wine varieties to satisfy your wine buds. Gran Canaria is known for its rich flavor wine range because volcanic soil mingling with the right temperature across the mountains landscape here.

3. Dunes

While, you probably not packed your bags to Gran Canaria to see the dunes, but almost half the Gran Canaria is recognized by UNESCO as a heritage wonder. The dunes here are just mesmerism for anyone who is a first-timer to this island. Gran Canaria is home to many stunning beaches at the coast those create a marvelous feel of the dunes.

In the end, the food at Gran Canaria is bound to leave a lasting impression on our brains and friendly people are two other leveraging reasons to land on this Spanish island.

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