The Best Experiences of Excursions and Tours in Gran Canaria!

3 Things to Do in Gran Canaria being a Gay

Gran Canaria, the jewel of Canaria Island is a renewed gay holiday destination. Travelers from various parts of the world flock in this island of enthralling fun & excitement to party hard at the men-only disc, bars, and resorts. At Gran Canaria, you will discover you are different, instead, you are special and there are many like you.

Year round sun, fabulous beaches, incredible delectable cuisine, and wonders nature, this Island have all the credentials to a superb holiday spot for everyone.

Here, are the three best places to visit in Gran Canaria-

1. A Yacht Tour

If you are in quest of something royal and calming, then board a private yacht to Güigüi beach. This is one amongst the most gorgeous beaches on this entire island. Canarias Gay is a Gay private owner yacht company responsible for transporting people in groups to this wonderful beach. You can get social with the gay-friendly crew, in simple words; you will have a luxurious time during the entire trip.

2. Climb Cloud Rock

Hike to reach the top spot where the rock symbol is there in the centre of the island Roque Nublo. The stunning views of the island from the top are worth all the struggles you have been to conquer this feat.

3. Hit the Seashores

Gran Canaria is also known as the island of beaches, which stretches to about 60 km. Las Cateras is rated as the best beach, suggested by travel bloggers those who have been to Gran Canaria. Further, if you move towards the South the temperature becomes optimal for the beach theme gala. Playa del Inglés is a gay beach which is quite popular in this region. Here, you will get the ultimate freedom to be who you are, and not what the world wants you to be.

Hope you developed an inner fascination to see three places. If you have been to these previously, then share your experience with us!

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