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3 Wonders of Gran Canaria Island You Must Check Out

Gran Canaria is popularly termed as a continent in miniature. This Canary Island is truly a wonder on earth with so much to discover & explore every time. Just 150 kilometers away from the east coast of Africa, the beautiful warm weather of this island is magnificent attracting visitors throughout the year.

The landscapes range from lush greenery nature spots to spectacular desert dunes, along with adrenaline pumping activities in this part of the world. What luxury holidays package to Gran Canaria, you opt for there is always endless surprises in store for you.

1. Las Palmas

If Gran Canaria is a miniature continent, then Las Palmas is miniature of a bustling city, there is a lot of things to do and see. Spend an entire day to check out the old town of Vagueta, once was part of Christopher Columbus’ travels, is now a UNESCO heritage site, people from all parts of the world come to pay a visit to this site. The streets are painted with colorful magnificence.

2. Puerto de Mogan

The Puerto de Mogan is a well-known city that has earned the tag of “little Venice,” as you will just fall for the spectacular streets of Puerto de Mogan. No place in the entire Gran Canaria is as charismatic as this little seaside town. Puerto de Mogan is home some of the most exquisite restaurants offering local and international cuisine, and if this isn’t enough, then the awe-striking seaside beach is waiting with open arms.

3. Nightlife

Gran Canaria island known for its jubilant nightlife, the pubs and bars are so vibrant that you will feel at heaven. The ambiance of the disc here are such you will find it next to possible to stop your feet from moving like the Michael Jackson.

In the end, it’s not the moment to think or rethink, but the perfect time to pack your bags and set out on a vacation to Gran Canaria.

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