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4 Top Places to Stay in Gran Canaria

Roughly the size of greater London, Gran Canaria is a red-hot tourist island with two million visitors check-in here, elope with the wonders of wonders, man-made landmarks, exquisite nightlife, and not to mention delectable local cuisine.

But, what makes this-largest Canary Island to standout is comfortable accommodation as per your budget. You can either book a room in a lavish hotel packed with all the luxury amenities of life or a near to nature village home at a reasonable price. Today, we have compiled the five best family places to stay in Gran Canaria-

1. Agaete

A municipality of the Las Palmas province, the Agaete is an ideal place to find accommodation when on a family vacation to Gran Canaria. This area gives tourists across the globe an opportunity to unhook from their life worries and do swimming or sunbathe for an entire afternoon.  Do fishing during the sunset by the seashore.

2. Maspalomas

Popularly known as the resort town in Southern Gran Canaria, Maspalomas is paradise for tourists; the combination of oasis and desert is truly commendable and the array of ecosystems here will leave you awestruck during your trip to this Canaria Island. Dunes of Maspalomas are a major attraction in this region.

3. Mogan


Mogan is a coastal village known for its natural beauty, the flower gardens, the sandy beaches those create an ideal setting to have wonderful holidays in Gran Canaria.

4. San Agustín

If you are in pursuit of a calming ambiance, then San Agustín tops the list for best places to stay in Gran Canaria. You can either enjoying sipping your favorite orange juice while basking in the sun or take a stroll with your love mate in the moonlight along the seashore. Here there are plenty of spots to keep your tails up when on Gran Canaria holidays.

To Wrap Up

It’s not the moment to think & thought, time to pack your backs for a magical experience in Gran Canaria.

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