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Best Historical Places to Visit in Gran Canaria

When it’s your first vacation in Gran Canaria, it’s often the hardest part to decide on the things to do and see in the popular Canary Island, in just a week or two of holidays. Leave out the beaches and adventure spots throughout the island, instead check out the many historical sites in Gran Canaria.

1. The Ermita De San Antonio Abad

This historical spots often goes unnoticed when it comes to places to visit in Gran Canaria. The Ermita De San Antonio Abad is one of Europe’s oldest church built during the regime of Christopher Columbus when he was set to discover the new world in the year 1492. This church was a long-established history correlated to that of Gran Canaria.

2. Casa De Colón

The residence of Christopher Columbus is one of the most photographed places throughout Spain; travelers from all parts of the world come to pay a visit to this historic place. Here, you will discover how the history of Gran Canaria is associated with culture and traditions of the United States. The Casa De Colón museum has about 13 rooms with an exhibition hall, a library throwing light on the rich history of Gran Canaria, a comprehensive research center, and a range of diverse activities.

3. Iglesia San Francisco de Borja

The first school of Las Palmas was set up in a residence place at Vegueta, started Spanish Inquisitor Romero. The priest of Jesus was responsible for running the school. The interiors of the Iglesia San Francisco de Borja are magnificent fresco paintings.

4. Museo Canario

The museum of Museo Canario is home to artifacts and materials that throw light on the rich history of Gran Canaria. This is a must visit if you wish to learn more about the Canary Islands.

To Wind Up

Besides, the above four listed historical places; you must pay a stopover at Plaza Mayor de Santa Ana and Catedral Basilica de Santa Ana.


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