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Cocodrilo Park Zoo in Gran Canaria-Adventure Experience Like Never Before

Located in the Southern Eastern region of the Gran Canaria, in proximity to Aguimes, the Cocodrilo Park Zoo is a must visit when on family holidays to the Canaria islands.

The everyday spectacular shows of a crocodile will keep you at the edge of your seat. You will definitely be awestruck by the strength of crocodiles when they are fed meal live; you probably feel tremors down your spines. What’s more, you get to snuggle the juvenile crocodile in the presence of the security personnel there.

At the Cocodrilo Zoo, just over 500 animals dwell. This place is rated as Europe’s best park to witness the diverse species of crocodiles. Regardless, you are having a fascination for reptiles or not, this zoo ensures you tag back home fond stories for your grandson/daughter.

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Key Highlights of This Tour

  • Free bus services to & from Maspalomas resort on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays
  • Free bus services to & from Maspalomas resort on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

A Great Education Tour for Everyone

Whether it’s the ten-year-old boy or a fifty-year adult in your group, the crocodile shows at the Cocodrilo Park Zoo are a great learning experience for travelers of all age groups. Here, you will get the knowledge regarding the habits of reptiles; of course, these animals have shared planet earth with the dinosaurs.

Further, part of the tickets fees goes towards the welfare of these animals, so by visiting this zoo, you are doing your bit for the planet you breathe-in.

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