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Female Solo Travel in Gran Canaria

Do you know 72% of the American women love to travel solo, as per the 2014 survey by In London, 55% of the solo traveling searches are made by women in the age group of 25-34 years.

The biggest motivating reason why women are embracing the concept holidaying alone is because when we travel with people, we aren’t trying to meet new people and exploring places instead focused on hanging out with friends or family. If you wish to have much deeper connections with the locals and the country where you are spending your vacation, then pack your bags for a solo vacation to Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria – A Perfect Solo Destination for Women To Explore

Gran Canaria, a Spanish island which over the years have grown on to become a red-hot hub all because of its natural marvels, the vibrant nightlife coupled with historical places to be explored. If you are seeking out for something adventurous, then also Gran Canaria is a perfect pick for its spectacular diving sites.

Get Close To Nature like Never Before

Sine Gran Canaria has five microclimates; it creates diverse landscapes, ranging from sand domes to gorges. This island is full of beaches, with each one a gem in its own way. This island presents many breathtaking adventure activities to try, right from surfing, hiking to old towns, biking through the mountains; it is definitely next to impossible to bind these in a list.

Get The Feel of South America

Gran Canaria is a Canaria island with a Latin feel. As you walk throughout the city you’ll experience being in a Southern American nation, the culture is very much similar, the churches are there, the mindset of people here are much like the Americans. The restaurants here have menus written in many languages, so won’t have a hard time ordering your favorite dish.

So, don’t think or rethink, start packing your bags and set out to explore Gran Canaria on your own.

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