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Gran Canaria Trekking – Santa Lucía – Agüimes Route

We already told you about the “Fagajesto to Agaete route” and the “Circular del Roque Nublo route” that are two of the best trekking routes you’ll ever find in Gran Canaria. This time, we want to show you another great route suggested by the official Gran Canaria Tourism Website – the “Santa Lucía – Agüimes Route.”

The views over the extensive farming terraces that are scattered around the route between Santa Lucía and Agüimes reveal a not so distant past, in which the islanders used to take full advantage of these gently rolling hills of volcanic origin for cultivation. The development of tourism and agriculture led to a widespread abandonment of large swathes of land. Witness to this great exodus is the sharp Roque Aguayro which dominates the skyline from Temisas to Agüimes.

gran canaria trekking

This trekking route is suggested on the official Gran Canaria Tourism Website. There are only a few recommendations you should follow when you’re planning to go trekking:

  • Always carry a personal identification document
  • Don’t forget about the water (at least two bottles for every person)
  • Don’t go alone and stick to the existing footpaths
  • Avoid dropping cigarette-ends and lighting fires
  • Don’t pick plants or try to catch animals

Gran Canaria Trekking – Santa Lucía – Agüimes Route

The start of our itinerary between Santa Lucía de Tirajana and Agüimes is at the Plaza de la Iglesia, by climbing the steps connecting the car park next to the main road to the town hall. We leave the church behind us to the left and follow the street as far as the other side of the gulley, where we turn to our left along a road towards Cruz del Siglo. At the turnoff, we go right following signposts for Cruz del Siglo-El Valle, and in a short while passing by the houses at El Valle. The next section has several crossroads, but we stick to the signs for Cruz del Siglo.

This district is home to a former gofio maize meal crushing mill. We pass it to our left to carry on along the street to the end, turning left on a couple of occasions. We leave this district via a footpath, and at the next turn-off, we take a right turn. We continue towards Cruz del Siglo on open land, passing a deposit of drinking water on our right. We go up a gentle slope approaching the basalt crag.

As the pathway turns left, the signpost will point us to the right, towards a path that starts to rise over the crag. Halfway up, we ignore the turning to Cueva de La Luna, turn round and come to the gorge. We leave the road to Cruz del Siglo, and carry on up to our left and around some ancient cereal terraces, into the Hondo ravine. We go down to the bottom of the ravine, cross over, then climb up to Lomo de Don Pedro. After passing a small gulley, the white stone markers show us the way forward, crossing the gently sloping hillside eastwards. A wooden cross points us down towards Temisas.

The footpath drops down past a water deposit, joining a tarmac path which will take us onto the main road. We follow this, and after the private footpath, we go right down a steep, stony path. The metal lids of the water channels here help to keep us on track. As we reach the road, we turn left and down to a crossroads where we turn right.

gran canaria trekking rout

We cross the village along the ancient royal path and come to the main road towards Agüimes. At the km 9 point, we come to a way up to the left, then carry on over the little pass of Cruz Chica, at which point Agüimes comes into view.

When we come to the signpost for the Temisas to Agüimes Royal Road, marked out by a row of stones, we begin to go down right where we reach another track and a stone landmark, then carry on along the path.

We then cross the Barafonso ravine and main road, along with a path that crosses Cadenas de la Virgen as far as the entrance to an estate. Here the trail runs between stone walls, passing a warehouse on our left. We now join a path which takes us nearer to town, until we reach a tarmac road which, 40 meters to our left, takes us into town.

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