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Incredible, enthralling Camel Ride at La Baranda in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a globally framed Spanish island which is way more than the sum of splendid beaches, the vibrant nightlife, and the many unresistable adventure activities those make this island ideal for holidaymakers.

Take Spectacular Camel Ride at La Baranda

Experience the oriental face of Gran Canaria by taking the most popular camel ride at La Baranda. Whether or not you are an adventure freak, a camel ride on the dunes of Maspalomas is unarguably once in a lifetime experience.

A Quick Overview of the Camel Ride Tour

This is not any other 30-minutes camel ride, instead of a complete package that comprises an hour of the camel ride, camel show, take a tour of the tropical garden and lastly enjoy the delectable Barbecue. Unlimited fun and boundless thrills are assured when you book your camel ride tickets today.

Key Highlights of the Camel Ride Tour

  • Available every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – From 10:00 till 17:00
  • Duration: 7 Hours
  • Camel Safari Included (1 Hour)
  • Barbecue Included (Grilled Meat and Vegetables)
  • Camel Show Included
  • You Will Discover Tropical Gardens
  • Tourist Guide Included In Spanish, English, German Language
  • Insurance Included

A Complete Family Fun Activity You must Try on Your Next Trip to Gran Canaria

Camel Ride at La Baranda presents the most comprehensive family activity. Just for a second, close your eyes and imagine you are on a camel riding through the lively comprising of thousands of beautiful palm trees. You will feel like being in the East, an enclave of natural aesthetics and ethnohistorical magnificence in the area.

End the Tour on a High

At 5 clock, we will return to the hotel with pleasant memories for life after a long camel ride.

In the end, why or rethink book your tickets right away and get instant confirmation on your mail, no need to bring the print copy.

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