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Municipality of Gáldar in Gran Canaria

The Municipality of Gaáldar is located in the northern part of Gran Canaria – 27 kilometers away from the capital, Las Palmas. It can be easily reached by car, following the “Northern Road Carretera del Norte” from the capital. Otherwise, if you wish to get there by public transport, you should take Bus number 105. The town Gáldar is situated at the foot of the mountains, and it was the center of one of the former kingdoms of the island (Guanartematos).

Municipality of Gáldar in Gran Canaria

Best place to visit in the Municipality of Gáldar

The Cueva Pintada Museum (Painted Cave in English) is one of the most visited places in the Canary Islands and indeed in the whole of Spain – the site is at the level of the major archaeological sites in Europe. Many years of careful excavation, interpretation, and preservation were required before the Cueva Pintada, besides the pre-Hispanic village remains, could be opened to the general public. The average appreciation of the visit is very high, with a 9.15/10 note given by the visitors.

Cueva Pintada Gran Canaria

Inside the Cueva Pintada have been found some of the most representative archaeological vestiges of pre-Hispanic Canaries, with unique characteristics. The Painted Cave is considered as the “Sistine Chapel” of the former inhabitants of the island, the Canarii. So if you want to know more about the history of our beautiful island, the Cueva Pintada is one of the must-see places of Gran Canaria.

The church Iglesia de Santiago de Gáldar, one of the most beautiful churches in the Canary Islands, serves as a link between the Baroque style and the first examples of neo-classicism of the Archipelago. From the remains of the sixteenth-century construction, interesting works of art have been preserved in the church, such as the Green Font, where the conquered Canary Islanders were first baptized. Several items of a considerable value can be seen inside the church and in the museum next to it, such as paintings, sculptures, and works in precious metals.

church Iglesia de Santiago de Gáldar

The Town Centre, declared Historical Group in 1981, preserves various notable buildings.. The Town Hall, built on top of an eighteenth-century construction, has outstanding environmental features, with one of the oldest examples of the Drago (dragon tree) in Gran Canaria, documented as early as 1718.

Next to the Town Hall is the Municipal Theatre, built in 1912, which later replaced the older theatre founded by Isabel II. Another notable element, known as the “Plaza Grande” (Large Square) is one of the best examples of a nineteenth century Canary Islands alameda, including centuries-old examples of Indian Laurel and Araucarias. The Museo de Antonio Padrón, a few meters from the square, has over a hundred works of one of the best-known artists of the vanguard movements of the Archipelago in the XX century.

Gáldar municipal theatre

Gáldar is one of the places with the greatest number of beaches and natural pools in the northern part of Gran Canaria. The most outstanding beaches are:

  • Playas de los Dos Roques
  • Punta de Galdar
  • Beach of Sardinia
  • La Caleta de Arriba
  • La Caleta de Abajo
  • La rada del Juncal
  • La playa de El Agujero

Beach of Sardina is one of the most visited beaches, with its various restaurants and a small fishing harbor. In the very northwest of the island, there is a rocky outcrop called “La Punta de Sardina,” where is located a lighthouse.

sardinia beach gran canaria

Gáldar has become one of the most populated centers in the northern area of Gran Canaria. The town center has a large number of shops where all kinds of textile and food products can be bought. At the Municipal Market, you can find all kinds of fresh vegetables, as well as fresh produce from the farm and the sea. Moreover, it is also possible to buy traditional items and souvenirs handmade in wood-fired clay ovens.

It is also possible to buy items of more traditional island handcrafts in Gáldar. There is the making of earthenware crockery in “the old style”, in wood-fired clay ovens. Hoya Pineda, one of the main districts of the municipality, is the centre of a large number of craft workshops where items of pottery and ceramics are made, which make the area a major craft centre.

gran canaria cheese

In Gáldar, as for in other municipalities bordering on the north of the island, cheese is one of the tastiest morsels visitors can try. These are sheep milk cheese and those known as “flower cheeses” – you should definitely try them!

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