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Playa de Güigüi in Gran Canaria

The unspoiled Playa de Güigüi is located on the west side of Gran Canari – a well-hidden gem among our beautiful beaches.  The beach can only be reached by hiking for several hours along a particular route, or by a private water taxi (or you can rent a boat/jet ski to reach it). Paying a visit to Playa de Güigüi is definitely worth it!

Fine black sand, crystal-clear water, breathtaking sunsets, and almost no one around. In a nutshell, the perfect place where to spend a day far away from the overcrowded beaches of Gran Canaria, such as Playa de Maspalomas or Playa del Inglés.Playa de Güigüi gran canaria

Güigüi beach in Gran Canaria

Playa de Güigüi (pronounced ‘wiwi’) lies on the west coast of the island of Gran Canaria. This wonderful beach is surrounded by high cliffs, which provide a spectacular view. On a clear day you will even be able to spot Tenerife with its conical towering volcano, Teide.

The beach consists of two bays. However, the rear of the second beach is only accessible on dry ground at low tide. Otherwise, you have to swim, which can be rather dangerous because of the high waves. Either way, bear in mind that you have to come back the same way and that the tide can rise rapidly and take you by surprise, so be careful.

Playa de Güigüi

Reaching Playa de Güigüi is not that easy, as you might imagine. If you’ve got a car, you’ll have to park to the nearest car park – that is located quite far away from the beach. In fact, you’ll have to walk for around 3 hours along a path, without places where to rest, buy food/drinks, or simply find some shelter from the sun. Doesn’t sound like a walk in the park, right?

For those who want to avoid this long and somewhat dangerous hike, there are various other options such as riding here on jet skis, which you can hire at Playa de Taurito. Local tour operators there offer trips here as well. Otherwise, you can rely on a private water taxi to reach this wonderful beach.

Güigüi beach in Gran Canaria

Although wild camping is actually banned in Spain, the beach is known as a popular spot for pitching a tent. This is mainly because you can experience breathtaking sunsets here and because there are very few people who decide to visit this hidden gem – you’ll never find a family with children here, that’s for sure.

Naturists will feel right at home here too –  you can leave your swimming trunks back at the hotel if you wish so. Remember to bring with you enough food and water, besides sunscreens and sunglasses!

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