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Teide National Park- A Top Landmark To Stopover When On Vacation in Gran Canaria

Unarguably, the Teide National Park is an iconic place to visit in Gran Canaria, the treasure of the Spanish Canary Islands. The spectacular landscape views will leave you shell-shocked. Listed in the UNESCO heritage directory, this park is on Spain’s highest peak presenting travelers from various parts of the world a mind-soothing ambiance to elope with nature.  The volcanic magma in the backdrop establishes an excellent setting to spend a memorable evening with the lady love in your life.

1. Teide National Park-A Nature Marvel on Earth

This world’s most rented park is situated on the topmost peak of the Gran Canary Island, at an altitude of 2,000m which is 6,500 ft above the sea level. Did you know the Teide National Park is one of Europe’s most visited parks welcoming three million visitors each year?

2. The Perfect Geographical Setting

If you rate Teide National Park from the geographical point of view, then you will discover this place is where the true magic of nature happens, the massive lava tongues will keep you at the edge during your stay at this park. The Teide National Park is boosted by the series of caves, highly admired by popular travel bloggers over the years. In addition to that, at the Teide National Park harbor a magnificent selection of Canaria species, and not to forget the abundance of flora and fauna here.

A Few Historical Figures

  • The Teide National Park Was Opened for the Public in the Year 1954.
  • This Park Is Roughly Spread Over a Massive Area of 19,000 Hectares.
  • It Is the Oldest & the Largest Park in the Entire Canary Islands Belt.
  • This Park Is Encircled by Corona Forestal Natural Park.

So, don’t think or rethink, when on a tour to Gran Canaria don’t forget to take your kids to the Teide National Park for a rejuvenating afternoon.

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