The Best Experiences of Excursions and Tours in Gran Canaria!

Top Five Attractions of Gran Canaria-You Just Can’t Turn a Blind Eye

Being the third largest island in the Canaries’ archipelago, the Gran Canaria harbors party-like ambiance at its beaches with travelers pouring-in throughout the year. Gran Canaria is a holiday destination for every type of holidaymaker, be it the young, old or the middle-aged.  It is a lively island that justifies the popular cliché “continent in miniature.” Gran Canaria is a magnificent blend of desert and oasis is truly a magnetic feature of this island. The wind molded dunes are the talking point among the vacations from various parts of the world.

1. Playa Del Ingles


The Playa Del Ingles without a doubt is the liveliest places to visit in Gran Canaria. This tourist spot is known for its party and nightlife, which is beyond explanation. Playa Del Ingles is crowded with so many pubs and bars, you and your family will have a special time here.


2. Playa De Las Canteras

The Playa De Las Canteras is labeled as one of the best urban beaches; it’s an iconic photo site with a lot of amazing nature views. Here, you get the opportunity to spend a memorable time with your kids.

3. Plamitos Park

If you want to explore the wildlife of this region, then pay a visit to this zoo. Plamitos Park promises to establish a great fun time experience for your kids.

4. Poema Del Mar

Another great place for kids and adults, Poema Del Mar is a new attraction in Gran Canaria. The giant aquarium will get you close to the exquisite marine life here. Every second you spend in here will be unforgettable.

5. Pico De Las Neves

Being the highest peak in Gran Canaria, it is an attraction known for its nature aesthetics. Majority of the tour packages to Gran Canaria have this place top in the list.


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