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Travelling Solo in Gran Canaria

The prospect of exploring an alien land all by your own is positively overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You have the freedom to do what you want, see what you desire, but that comes with a responsibility. Gran Canaria is a well-reviewed island in the global solo vacationer community.

The Canarias is a series of volcanic islands, and Gran Canaria is truly germ amongst them celebrated for its fun-packed annual carnival. This Spanish island attracts hikers, the surfers, and present vivid nightlife.

Your Holidays in Gran Canaria

Being the largest & the most populated island, Gran Canaria is a vibrant vacation destination, the dunes here will virtually freeze your eyes with its majestic views, and the underwater world of this island is worth exploring. In addition, Gran Canaria has some of the world’s most pleasant diving sites. It’s capital city Las Palmas is a charmingly interesting, historical city with the narrow cobbled streets and many famous markets. On the whole, Gran Canaria is an excellent mix of culture & rich history.

Head to the Northern side of Gran Canaria if you just want to relax back and bask in the rejuvenating rays of the sun. Since Gran Canaria is blessed with five microclimates, thus creating a diverse set of landscapes, ranging from gorges to the dunes. What about hiking onto old towns via the pine forests? In Gran Canaria can do so much as a solo traveler, biking on the mountains within a charismatic nature setting, and beat the waves doing surfing. The Puerto de Mogán fishing villages will give you a big reason to spend an extra day in Gran Canaria.

In the end, even being a Spanish island, the Gran Canaria will give you a feel of South America largely because of its beaches and adventure things to do.

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