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Unveil the Prehispanic Culture, Visit Cuatro Puertas

Gran Canaria is truly an archaeology paradise with so much to explore especially the Prehispanic culture, which is visible across the island.

Today, in this post we talk about Cuatro Puertas, which in Spanish means the” Four Doors,” as soon as you reach the site you will get to know why it is termed so.

This archaeological wonder can easily be reached, a drive from the city of Telde towards Ingenio. When you get there you will come across the splendid hill with four doors outstanding from the rock, that’s the sign go ahead and unearth the truth of Gran Canaria ages-old culture and traditions.

The Cuatro Puertas monument is situated on the Bermeja, a mountain which is developed into a complex consisting of the Cuatro Puertas, Almogarén & Cueva de los Papelos y Los Pilares. The word Bermeja is a name given to a rock which is crumbly, granular, and reddish. In the year 1972, Cuatro Puertas was declared as a cultural heritage.

The most highlighting part of this monument is the four-door spacious cave, which was engineered by the people belonging to the aboriginal Canarian community.

Another cave you can get into is  Paper Cave (Cueva de los Papeles), here you get to know the Prehispanic locals, their culture. On the walling inside the cave, you will find the aboriginal paintings of triangles; the triangle means the symbol of fertility.

Known as the Pillars, they are another small complex of caves situated on the Bermejo Mountain. Did you know the famous Spanish-Italian movie “Tirma” was shot in these caves?

Final Words

Last but not least, these caves are often way down in the list of things to do in Gran Canaria; therefore there are no tickets here. This monument is freely accessible for all, any day and anytime.

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